Nufit Food App Connects to Smart Kitchen Scales

As we have seen many smart home appliances, you may already noticed that many of the latest kitchen food scales are smart scales. The Nufit Food mobile app works with a various of smart kitchen scales available on the market. When you weigh food on scale, the measurements will also automatically display on Nufit Food app. If your scale supports multiple units, your app will match your scale’s selection too.

Here is one example, Arboleaf Smart Kitchen Scale Model CK10A.

Arboleaf Smart Kitchen Scale Model CK10A

The above image is one of the kitchen scales supported by Nufit Food mobile app, Arboleaf Smart Kitchen Scale Model CK10A. This scale has an option of four units: lb:oz / gram / fluid ounce / milliliter, and has tare function to remove container weight. These scale features are automatically connected via Bluetooth to the Nufit Food app on your phone or your tablet. Then with the app you can easily record and track your daily food and nutrition intakes including calorie, protein, fat, carbohydrates, etc., and sync with Apple Health and Google Fit. It is how the app works seamlessly with your smart kitchen scale.

List of Smart Kitchen Scales Supported by Nufit Food App

Nufit Food app works with a various of smart kitchen scales. Here is a partial list of these scales. We are working with more manufacturers to add more kitchen scales to this list.