Nufit Food Mobile App

The Nufit Food Food mobile app is designed for people keen in their food’s nutritional facts and keen in tracking your diet for healthier lifestyles. If you try to lose weight, lower your BMI, or want to know right food for your overall health, you need to use Nufit Food app.

Nufit Food is free to download and use, offered in both iOS and Android versions.

Nufit Food App

Nutrition Facts

Nufit Food app is an easy tool for you to find out your food’s nutrition facts. Simply scan barcodes, or type in food name, you will see nutrition facts. The app has a big database of everyday food items so you can quickly get at nutrition facts at your finger tips. Our database has international coverage, including global food items and cuisines.

Tracking Food Intake

Losing weight is an important commitment. Nufit Food app makes the tough job easier by tracking your food intake and counting calories, plus more, protein, fat, carbs, macros, plus sugars, sodium and more. The app also has a dedicated field for you to log daily water intake. Keeping a food diary helps you understand your habits, so you will do better to achieve your goals.

Recipes and Nutrition

Recipes are for all users, not only limited to those enjoying home cooking. Nufit Food app combines recipes with nutrition facts to make it easier for you to customize your weight loss journey with your meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch or snacks. You can search recipe ingredients’ nutrition. The app also allow you input your meal’s nutrition values.

Link to Smart Scales

A key function of Nufit Food app is to connect to smart kitchen scales. Like other smart home appliances, many of the latest kitchen scales are smart scales. The Nufit Food app works with a various of smart kitchen scales available on market. When you weigh food on scale, the measurements automatically display on your app too, then you can get accurate nutrition facts from the app. It makes your nutrition tracking much easier.

Sync with Popular Apps

Nufit Food app seamlessly connects with many popular fitness apps, like Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit, etc. All you need to do is to configure in the Nufit Food app during the setup.

Our app will soon add another important feature: Nufit Food app will add connections to apps for the Smart Body Composition Scales. Nufit Food will import your weight, BMI, body fat measurements from the bathroom scale apps. You can get deeper insights by compare your body composition measurements with your food intake.

Global Coverage

In addition to the US market, Nufit Food app covers international markets too. Our searchable database includes global food items and cuisines, and our international food library database is expanding fast.

iOS App

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Android App

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